Advantage Physical Therapy has been serving the community for over 20 years.

We offer personal supervised care, taking great pride in ensuring that our patients receive direct supervised treatment. We maintain direct communication with physicians to report patient status and progress. Our team includes therapists with a variety of specialties who have extensive clinical experience in both Acute care hospital settings as well as out-patient facilities.  



Our approach to managing your health is similar to the approach one should have for managing their financial investments. We establish goals.  We take into consideration conditions you might encounter that would impact achieving those goals.  And then we establish a plan that will help you achieve those goals whether the path is smooth or turbulent along the way.  Our belief is that taking care of your health is an investment in the future, money in the bank that can be drawn upon during times that unexpected trouble arises.  And we are there for the long term to help you manage.

Our evidence-based approach to therapy focuses on providing individualized treatment plans suited for each of our patients and begins with a patient’s first visit:

Phase 1

During phase 1 we conduct an extensive exam and evaluation. We treat pain, swelling, and inflammation in order to offer relief.  During this phase we also provide education in order to prevent further injury and exacerbation of the condition. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 continues with pain relief and instruction in therapeutic exercise which addresses motor performance, joint integrity and functional mobility.

Phase 3

At Phase 3 the goal is to prevent re-injury through extensive, ongoing patient education and establishing an individualized home management strengthening and wellness program.



Advantage Physical Therapy is committed to the pursuit of excellence.  To this end, our goal is to promote wellness and optimize our patients’ health management through ongoing education and research.


  • Respect for patients, staff and physicians
  • Excellence in clinical care
  • Pursuit of knowledge, education and research


Our therapists hold advanced degrees and certifications so that we can offer our patients premiere care; and continually attend conferences and course certifications to remain at the cutting edge.  They have been formally educated at accredited institutions and professionally trained in their individual specialties.  The team of health professionals at Advantage Physical Therapy is committed to the well -being of their patients and remain abreast of the most current, advanced treatment techniques in neuromuscular, orthopedic and surgical conditions.