Lumbar Core Stabilization Program

General Information

Many people with lower back problems have recurrent pain. Lumbar Core Strengthening is an effective way to decrease lower back pain and to help prevent injury. A strong core acts as a foundation allowing you to perform your daily activities with greater ease and safety. 


The deep muscles of the spine targeted for training

  1. The lumbar multifidus
  2. The transverse abdominis
  3. The diaphragm
  4. The pelvic floor muscles.  

These muscles stabilize the spine and help to maintain proper alignment during your activities of daily living and help prevent injury. 


CORE strengthening program

Our therapists will evaluate your pain, range of motion, posture and strength and develop a personalized treatment program. Lumbar stabilization exercises include Pilates, Stability Ball, mat exercises, flexibility exercises, postural education and instruction in proper movement patterns are critical to our program. Your therapist will focus on teaching proper alignment and activation of your core muscles while also helping to improve your postural alignment. A stronger core is the best way to keep your spine healthy and pain free.