Low Back Pain

General Information

Most people experience low back pain at one time or another. Often pain resolves quickly however, some back pain may be chronic and recurrent. Back pain can come on gradually or can start with a single event such as a car accident or lifting incident.


Types of Back Problems

  1. Disc herniation or “slipped disc”
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Lumbar Strain/Sprain
  4. Spondylolisthesis: a condition where one vertebra slips over another
  5. Compression fractures: most commonly caused by Osteoarthritis
  6. Spinal Stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal canal
  7. Injuries from lifting or car accidents


In addition to pain other symptoms include

  1. Numbness/Weakness
  2. Pain radiating down the leg
  3. Decreased mobility
  4. Muscle spasm



Our low back pain protocol first begins with modalities to decrease pain and spasm. Gentle strength and flexibility exercises help to restore mobility. Then, core stabilization and postural awareness exercises help to maintain proper alignment. Instruction on lifting techniques and proper ergonomics for your work environment coupled with a home exercise program help to decrease your risk of future pain and injury.