Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

General Information

Joint replacement surgery is often performed to decrease pain from arthritis after other methods have failed. Joint surgery involves removing the damaged portion of the joint and replacing it with a metal or plastic prosthetic device.

Goals of therapy after joint replacement are to restore motion and strength, decrease pain and swelling and enable you to resume your normal activities of daily living.



Therapeutic techniques include exercises, stretching, heat/ice, electrical stimulation and a home exercise program. In addition, functional activity training will address entering and exiting a car, getting in and out of bed, standing up from a chair and negoitiation of stairs and unlevel surfaces. Our staff will make sure your exercises are appropriate to your type of surgery, your doctor’s specifications and to your tolerance. Your therapist will educate you on how to safely follow the guidelines and limitations set by your doctor. Our hip and knee replacement surgery program will help reduce your pain and allow you to return to your everyday activities with confidence.