Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

General Information

Our feet are under constant stress from poorly fitting shoes, athletic activities and our everyday routines. Ankle sprains are extremely common and can be caused by sports activities or as simply as landing on an unstable surface. Weakness or tightness in your arches can make you more prone to foot pain, leg or back pain.


Common Symptoms

  1. Ankle sprains: Ankle sprains range in degree from stretching of the ligament to complete tear
  2. Achilles Tendonitis, pain and soreness along the back of the ankle which can be associated with swelling
  3. Plantar Fasciitis can be associated with sharp pain in the heels and arches or along the bottom of the foots when bearing weight
  4. Fractures
  5. Post surgical needs
  6. Shin Splints, pain on the front of the lower leg which may be the result of overuse of the muscles attaching to the tibia



Our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation reviewing your pain, range of motion and walking pattern. Then they will develop a personalized program based on your needs. Our exercise programs include the Swiss Ball, Rocker Board, Theraband, and BAPS Board. After an ankle sprain or surgery, ankle proprioception (the body’s feedback to the brain) becomes impaired. Proprioceptive training will help you with walking, agility and running. Arch exercises and gait training will help you return to daily activities. For those needing to return to sports, activity specific training will improve your running and agility. Finally, your home exercise program will help to prevent re-injury.