ACL Injuries

General Information

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) runs from the shin bone to the thigh bone and provides most of the knee’s stability. The ACL restricts forward movement and prevents the tibia from moving too far forward. ACL injuries usually occur after high intensity activities such as football, soccer, skiing, basketball and lacrosse. The injury usually involves cutting and twisting movements with the foot planted. Women are more likely than men to suffer from ACL injuries because of muscle imbalance and other influences.


Symptoms of an ACL Injury

  1. Hearing a “pop”
  2. Increased swelling
  3. Knee feels unstable or gives out


ACL Rehabilitation

There are several degrees of ACL injury and your physician will decide if surgery is necessary. Advantage Physical Therapy can help whether you are recovering from an ACL injury or are rehabilitating after surgery. The initial phase consists of decreasing pain and swelling and increasing range of motion. The next step is strength training and balance exercises. As you continue to progress in your rehabilitation jogging, hopping, agility and sport specific training are added to your program.